John D. Hisey, M.A.

Clinical Audiologist
John Hisey Sr.

From an early age, John knew he wanted to help people communicate more effectively with their families. His aunt Margaret pulled him aside one day and gave him his first lesson in aural rehabilitation. She had lost most of her hearing because of a viral infection, and she explained the importance of making good eye contact and talking slowly and clearly.

In 1971 John completed his undergraduate degree in speech and hearing at the University of Washington. A few months later he purchased his first practice at the age of 23 and became the youngest hearing aid specialist in the state of Washington. He enjoyed working with patients, but he felt he could help them even more if he furthered his education in the field of audiology. He completed his master’s degree in audiology at Western Washington University in 1980 and moved to Wenatchee to work for the Eye and Ear Clinic.

In 1983 he opened Micron Audiology and has never looked back. He enjoys helping people as much today as he did when he began his first practice in 1971. He’s seen a lot of change over the last 44 years, but one thing is still the same: He looks forward to going to work every day and helping people connect to their families, friends, and the world around them.

John’s hobbies include spending time with family, farming, high-mountain trail riding with his horses and mules, and golfing.

Today we have significantly better tools to help the hearing impaired, but it is still the personal care that we give that sets our practice apart. John recently began his own journey as a hearing aid wearer, and it has helped him understand and empathize with his patients’ concerns, questions, and fears. As a multigenerational, family-owned practice, we pledge our continued support so that you can live life to the fullest.

John P. Hisey, M.A.

Clinical Audiologist
John Hisey Jr.

John Hisey moved to Wenatchee in 1980, when his father began working for the Eye and Ear Clinic. His father opened Micron Audiology in 1983, moving the practice to its current location in 1997.

John was fortunate to grow up knowing what he wanted to do, because he saw how much his dad enjoyed helping people, and wanted to be part of improving people’s quality of life through better communication. Working with his father–a lifelong dream–was realized in September of 2002. Both men choose to work in private practice because they value the flexibility that it offers their patients and themselves.

Recently, John started working with the Wenatchee School District helping kids in the community with hearing impairment. He loves helping children communicate more effectively in their classrooms.

John loves spending time with his two lovely girls, Seleah and Gianna. Other personal interests include boating, skiing and mountain biking. He also enjoys all kinds of music and art. John lives in Wenatchee and feels it is one of the best communities imaginable to raise a family. John looks forward to meeting you and your family sometime soon.